Fila Vintage Terrinda Mk3 Track Top Deep Burgundy

35 990 Ft

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A rare limited 80s Casual Classics exclusive – in wearable Burgundy match up to denims with metal zipThe Terrinda is perhaps the most memorable jacket from the 80s, that came to prominence at the pinnacle of casual era. Before its revival in 2009, we received the most enquiries for the Fila Vintage Terrinda than any other product in our history. It’s therefore unsurprising that since then, it has been one of our best sellers. Interest in it increased dramatically after it was worn by Tamer Hassan in The Business, and later by Bex and Dom in The Firm. The jacket that was once only accessible to the elite, has returned in style at a very reasonable price. With its soft suede-like touch and biker style finish, it is still a must have track top for any sportswear lover.

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