Sergio Tacchini Masters Track Top Black/white

29 990 Ft

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The Sergio Tacchini Masters tracksuit top has always been an extremely popular, retro item from the 80s and a best selling design of a classic McEnroe top. With that being said a newly refreshed design has landed with all the old skool looks but bought right up to date in a much richer and durable 100% polyester without the shiny style of the previous version. The Sergio Tacchini Masters gets twin stripe details on the collar, this time in a crisp white, making the top look fresh and clean. The chest stripes remain in the contrasting white colour that work great against the black body of the tracksuit jacket whilst the embroidered Sergio Tacchini logo sits proudly within the borders. Ribbing on the cuffs and waistband ensure a comfortable fit that finishes the Masters tracksuit top nicely.Made from 100% polyester.

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